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Corduroy Enduro Event

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Join me at Gooderham this coming weekend for the Corduroy Enduro. The historic Corduroy Enduro Should be a good spectacle with hundreds of enduro riders, an endurocross track end of the day Saturday for thrills and spills, free camping and Rally Connex is hosting a dual sport ride on Sunday to watch the action. I will be leaving on the Saturday AM from Pakenham, driving the Black Donald, 118 / 503 Monck Rd to Gooderham. This is not far from Wilberforce. Great ride out. Great Event / Great ride back.

The Rally Connex dual sport ride fee is $40.00 for the Sunday. info Rally Connex Adventures. There are some sections of the dual sport ride that Stroms will need to bypass around due to the nature of the trails and out low suspension.

Check out the event and come join us. Corduroy Enduro

Rally Connex Adventures
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Sorry I missed your request. I departed Pakenham at 10:30 am. Great ride, only a small amount of showers. Arrived in time to watch the Enduro Cross event. Sunday was a brilliant day to ride. Joined Rally Connex on the dual sport ride. All of the other bikes were more trail oriented than my strom. I had to bail around some of the more technical trails. The MX course was a blast to watch as were the pro bikes going through The Tunnel Of Love. A concrete culvert under the road with running water and rocks. The colors west of Calabogie are in full tone. The ride back was perfect and I was heavy on the throttle most of the way. Got a wave to slow down from an OPP going the opposite way. He put his flashers on and waved the slow down sign out the window. I waved back and put the brake light on temporarily, he turned his lights off and I turned my brake light off and resumed the throttle. I guess it was the end of his shift.
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