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Corbin - doesn't fit 650?

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I bought a used Corbin and used it on my DL1000 for a short period of time. A friend has tried to put it on his DL650, but it won't go. It appears that the front 'tongue' is too long and and not allowing the seat to slide far enough ahead to latch.

If it's just a matter of trimming the tongue shorter, we can do that. The tongue portion is a chunk of steel flat bar riveted to the seat. I don't want to cut too much though, if it then won't fit a DL1000 again.

Curious if anyone has experienced this with a Corbin?
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I've seen that. When later DL560s got the coolant reservoir under the fuel tank rear, it got in the way. There was also a problem with a change in the helmet lock wires that put them in the way of the Corbin rubber feet. Trimming the tongue and cutting the wires few people use has been done before.

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I just installed a Corbin seat on my 650. It was originally on a K9 Vee. The tongue on the seat originally was 4". Yes, it did hit the coolant reservoir. I went to see a seat that was installed on a K7 wee. The tongue on it was 3". So, Greywolf is correct (there's a surprise) :green_lol:, so you have to cut an inch off of it. I used a Dremel tool with a cut off blade. I put tinfoil under my working area so I wouldn't have any hot metal burn the bottom of the seat.

Second, you do have to remove the 2 middle bumpers. They hit near the battery. Drill out the rivets. Takes a few seconds. Once these are off it will fit. Mine was tight and I thought it was catching on the rear hand rail assembly. You don't need to take it off. I did and it's a bit of a b*tch to put back on. You just need to give it a good push.

Man I hope I like this seat!
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