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Cooling Fan Switch?

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I noticed the other day that my Vee's temp was at four bars while sitting in traffic on a 98 degree day so this morning I took the fairings off and gas tank off to check a few things. All connections were good. I was suspecting that I may have knocked a connector loose when I installed my cruise control last week but no such luck. So I took the radiator out checked the fan and its controller switch and bingo I found my problem. Which I am happy after looking and seeing how exspensive the stock fan is!! :yikes: Any way that little switch is not that cheap either, bike bandit has it listed at $50 which seems a little high too. Does anyone know of another alternative switch that can be used which the local auto parts warehouse would have in stock? I know that I can wire up a manual on and off switch but I would rather keep an automatic one instead.

Thanks for any help.
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Well with no ideas and im not feeling like being a guinea pig on this. I decided just to order a new one off of fleebay. It will be here on Wed which is important because I have a trip planned for the coast of SC and GA next week.
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