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Cooling fan and 15A fuse

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Hi everyone!
I have recently noticed on my 08 wee that the 15A fuse for the cooling fan blows quite often… I shorted the two switch connections together and the fan works fine… I put a new fuse in and started the bike for about 1 minute, checked the fuse and it had blown! Any ideas on what this could be?

Edit: the new fuse was already in when i shorted the fan switch wires and didn’t blow the fuse, engine off. Plugged everything back in and only blew the fuse when I started the motor.

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Looking at the wiring diagram in #15 of Rostra Cruise Control Alternate Wiring, it sounds like there could be a lead shorting to an earth / frame somewhere and thus causing the fuse to blow while the ignition is turned on / engine running. The live for the cooling fan fuse is traced from the ignition switch, starter button and horn via the orange lead. Any electrical work done in this area?
With the fan disconnected and the ignition turned on / bike engine running, does the cooling fan fan fuse blow?
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Does it only blow when the motor is hot ?

(I can't look at the wiring diagram)

What else stops working when the fuse is out ? check all things like horns and lights & any aftermarket stuff like heated grips.

I would normally expect the fan to have power whenever the ignition is on and the thermo switch to provide the ground.

So if above is true & it only blows when the motor is hot and the fan is wanting to run the fan will be the cause, if there is anything else on that fuse that could be the cause.

What is the battery voltage ? a low voltage will put a bigger load on the fuse when the fan is running.

If the motor is not hot when the fuse blows there could be a bad wire between the fuse and the fan, I would run a bypass positive wire from the battery to the fan with a fuse in line and see if the problem moves to the bypass wire and the original fuse stays intact.
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