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I bought a Garmin 400T to compliment my on road Zumo and found this pretty cool topo map program. Free Demo and works with mapsource, although auto routing is over land only. Still very nice for trip planning as it shows at least 20 maps or so and interfaces with google earth.

I know a lot of ya'll hike and camp, this beats anything Garmin has out there,basecamp and map source. Nice to overlay your POI's as well.


I actually purchased the pro edition after try the demo, I am very happy with it so far. I most use it for hiking purposes rather than with the Zumo, but it complements the garmin mapsource nice. I tried the garmin basecamp whcih is like mapsource only in a topographical form and found it to be hard to use and lacking features, also the mapping was not as clear with less options, unless of course you want to pay 100.00 for a higher resolution map which only covers certain states.
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