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I've been reading here for a month to learn about Wee-Stroms while considering a potential purchase and looking for a good used buy. Interested in a more recent model with ABS.

Started riding only 4 years ago but am making up for lost time with 75,000 miles riden. My main ride is a Piaggio MP3 400 I have 50,000 miles on. I like to travel and camp off my ride. Also have a 94' Vulcan 500.

A bit frustrating that I cannot ask questions on the for sale page. I would think long term members wanting to sell something are not best served by limiting questions. If someone posts an 09 wee-strom I have to send a PM for verifying if it has ABS. Others have the same questions.

Headed down to Daytona next weekend to get in some test rides. I'll be on my MP3 camping in the infield.


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