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Hello all, I have been lurking around the forum, mainly DL1000 section, and reading up on your experiences with these bikes.
I am considering buying a NOS DL1000 (2014-2016) and would like your input on the differences between those years.

From what I understand apart from body and exhaust muffler colours mechanically they are identical. What about the issues?
I have read that 2014 and 2015 models have several recalls on them, but not 2016, is that correct? Or does 2016 year requires recalls to be performed as well?

The ECU issue that has a separate thread here affects only 2014-2015 models (ECU numbers 00 and 01) but not 2016 (ECU #02)?

So far my conclusion is that 2016 is the model year to get for a no hassle ownership. If one is not available and I buy a 2015 model for example, then recalls will be performed free of charge at the dealer, but the issue will be to convince the dealer to perform ECU replacement under warranty?

Basically, I just want to confirm if my understanding is correct.

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What you describe sounds accurate. With each year Suzuki improved some small issues, but there aren't a lot of huge issues with this bike except as noted on this forum.

My bike (2014) has no idle knocking, it has never stalled in traffic, but does occasionally when I am in the dirt, which I find annoying, but it hasn't killed me yet (knock on wood). The idle could be improved when cold starting, a new ECU would fix that likely, but as you mentioned, Suzuki is not too keen on swapping out parts to make customers happy, so that issue remains for the time being.

An amazing bike for very little money. You can easily go out and spend more money, for a heavier bike with a few more add-on's and still end up with issues, so pick your fight carefully.

Good luck.
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