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Harmonicamoon's advise is good advise for riding just about anywhere "South of the Border". Traffic overall is more aggressive than most people are used to "North of the Border". Having ridden in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala, I would describe it as more in line with the wild, wild west. Especially here in Honduras there are few if any police that actually drive around like up North, except a few in the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, otherwise about the only time you will see the police are around the police stations in the smaller towns and the security road blocks on the secondary roads. In the year and a half I have lived and ridden in Honduras, I have NEVER been stopped at the security check points nor by a policeman in general.

For the size of the populations down here, there is a large motorcycle culture, and I'm not talking about all the little 100cc to 250cc bikes you see running around. There are lots of motorcycle clubs, don't be put off by their leathers, the vast majority of MC's down here are just good ole boys riding a host of HD's, the high end Yamaha, Kawi V-twins, Super Tenere's, Ducatis, Triumps, etc.. Other than a couple of Wee's here in Tegucigalpa, I think I have the only Vee (09) in the entire country.

So if anyone decides to wonder a little further south than just Mexico, follow Harmonicamoons advise and you'll have few if any issues. Don't be surprised if someone pulls up next to you on one of the brands stated above and tries to wave you over to chat about where you are from and where you are going.

Anyone planning to travel through Central America on their dream trip to points further South, give me a yell, I have a spare bedroom, garage, tools, cold beer. Plus all brands of motorcycles are represented locally for parts or maintenance support.

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