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I'm a new blue 2007 Wee-strom owner, and already pretty much in 7th
heaven. I'm coming from a scooter background, believe it or not, so
there is a fair bit to learn for me - most notably shifting, but also
actually now having the ability to wheelie or endo inadvertently ...
not to mention skidding, as at least a few of my scoots have drum
brakes in back that couldn't lock up if you wanted them to ...

Anyway, I use my bikes for commuting, errand running, and heading out
to the mountains for hikes and trail runs, so clearly I need luggage
for this. I became spoiled on my last scooter, the Kymco XCiting 250 -
lots of storage underseat, and then a color-matched blue Givi e350 top
case ... pretty much worked for everything for me.

I really really really like the look of color-matched luggage, so I'm
trying to figure out the best course of action here. I want to stick
with Givi, as I like them a lot. Ideally, I'd get e41 side cases and
v46 top case, as they both have replacable top shells or lids that can
be different colors for different bikes.

The rub: in talking with Givi and their dealers, it doesn't appear
they have any '07 VStrom color-matched (and by that I mean blue) stuff
yet or maybe ever. So my options are at this point:
- find out they're wrong somehow :)
- try to track down the Suzuki -branded cases ... anybody have
experience with these? are they Monokey, or some custom mounting
- get custom painting on whatever I end up getting
- make do with another model color

That last option is a nicer option than you'd think ... the e350 top
case on my Kymco was specifically colormatched to "Kymco Blue" (Givi
color B573), but lo and behold, it is an AWESOME almost dead-on color
match. I'm not sure anyone would notice! I'm trying to figure out what
else they have in THAT color, but since the e350 is Monolock, and
in scooter land at this point, Givi won't have any Monokey options
suitable for a side case.

There are some other blues available through Twisted Throttle, the
interesting of which looks to be the Yamaha FZ1 blue (B550). I can't
find a '07 or '06 blue in that model, but the '05 sure looks similar.
Anybody have one to confirm or deny how close they are ...?

Other ideas or experiences in this area?


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I say get black ( Cuz mud always looks good on a black background) !..:-DYOMV
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