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Coleman MadDog Seat Cover

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Anybody have one of these? Do you like it? Does it fit the stock wee seat ok? Does it shift around much ( I wriggle a lot)? Does it add much to the seat height?
I don’t see myself using it for shorter jaunts but on longer rides it may be nice. At $22, I might give one a whirl.

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Here’s what I have:
Motorcycle Seat Cushion Pressure Relief Hand Press Inflatable Motorcycle Air Seat Pad Shock Absorption Butt Protective Comfortable for Long Rides
It fits the seat well, I sometimes throw it on and forget to strap it down and doesn’t move at all. Since you inflate it, you can adjust the pressure however you need and it also moves a good amount of air under your butt. (y)
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I have the Coleman /Mad Dog but on a Yamaha XT225. It does add a little comfort, but does not work miracles. Tons of riders on multiple machines use them; I see them often. It adds a bit to seat height, but not too much for most people although my 5'2" wife won't use it for that reason.

I also have an AirHawk similar to the other poster above. I really only used it for an Iron Butt ride, not daily.
I have that on my TW and it helps, but after a few hours I realize it could be more cushy. I tested an old throw blanket over it and could tell there is more room for comfort.
My used dl650 came with one; it does kind of help with the issue of sliding forward on the stock seat, but I don't notice a huge comfort difference with it on it off.
Lately I bring one of these on my long trips: Therm-a-Rest Lite Seat Ultralight Inflatable Seat Cushion

It's very light, packs down well, and you can use it as a cushion if there's nowhere to sit when you stop.

I use a sheepskin on my seat, slip the cushion under it, rotate it out every gas stop when the seat starts to feel uncomfortable.

My V-strom still has the stock seat, so it's very nice to have there.

On the SV, I have a corbin, and I can go a lot farther on it before any saddle problems, but the Big V is much nicer overall on knees, hips, and wind protection of course.
Thanks for the feed back. I had seen the inflatable one mentioned above but brushed it aside as it is advertised to be for cruisers. I may hafta give that one a second look.
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