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With the "Polar Vortex" having passed through thought I would post. I live in Upstate South Carolina, have been commuting to work year round for the last 10 years. 22 mile trip one way. It's a little warm some days in the summer and a little cold some days in the winter. My low a couple of years ago was 14f, this year about 12f. After an error or two I watch the weather closely and avoid snow chances and Icing conditions.

I have tried a bunch of different set-ups, I am really pleased with my current gear.

one piece olympia suit with liner
wind proof Balaclava head thing
alpine stars adventure boots w/ thin wool socks
aerostich heated bib
heated grips
Hippo hands- handle bar covers
non-insulated elk skin gloves

The Hippo hands are new to the set-up this year and have been a great addition. With the heated grips I can wear my regular gloves, lets me feel my controls and maintain my usual dexterity. They look a little weird and it is strange at 1st not being able to see your hands, but they have been great for me.

Have fun riding!
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