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Cockpit setup with Madstad, Walsh Shelf, SW Motech GPS

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Here are some shots of my cockpit. It is a bit tight, but you can fit a Madstad bracket, a Pat Walsh Designs shelf, and a SW Motech vibration damped GPs holder all under the windshield.

I like this setup as it keeps the GPS up in easy view while enabling find tuning of the windscreen position. I find I still get some vibration in the GPS, but it better than it was when it was just attached to my handlebars.

One note of caution, I adjusted the Madstad down too far and while riding the windshield hit the top of the GPS bracket, releasing the GPS (in the fast lane...). Luckily it bounced off of the tank and landed in my crotch and I was able to grab it before it did a high speed dismount. Apparently the Motech GPs holder vibrated just enough to come in contact with the windshield.

Shelf: Pat Walsh V-Strom Radar Shelf
GPS bracket:
Madstad: [URL=""]


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Looks nice and clean. Good job. :thumbup:
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