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Clutch Won't Release

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Hello everyone. I have a 2004 DL-650 and am looking for some guidance.

I just replaced the battery and changed the oil after the bike was sitting for a few weeks (due to the battery being at the end of it's life). After I finished the tune up, I went to take it out for a ride and promptly stalled as soon as I dropped it into gear. Seems like the clutch will not release.

Not sure what the issue might be, but it still occurs after taking off the sprocket cover and ensuring that everything is clean and non-fouled. I also ensured that the clutch cable and lever are both adjusted and functioning properly. Any thoughts on what might cause a stuck clutch? Broken springs, or maybe a broken clutch pushrod? Any chance it could just be two plates sticking together?

Just wondering where I should look first and if I should pull the case.

Thanks for the tips!
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If cable is intact,
First, try rocking back and forth in gears.
Just dealt with this on one of my other bikes. There it was a worn pushrod seal that resulted in a slightly bent pushrod.
Seal and rod replace, issue fixed.

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If it is a stall apply the rear brake and hold the RPM's up a bit and try again, if the clutch basket is worn the plates will have trouble separating and the extra RPM's will help.

Are you sure it is not your side stand switch cutting out the motor ?

If the switch is bad it will stop the motor every time a gear is selected, joining the two wires will bypass the switch for a test.
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