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The clutch assembly in a DL 1000 is actually very rugged and durable. Aside from the clutch basket issues, they just don't seem to wear out or break. So, you should never have the clutch slip in these. There are two causes of clutch slippage that I see. First is the short duration slippage that comes with gear changes. Caused by a sticking clutch pushrod or slave cylinder. Clean that up and it goes back to normal. Next is the placement of the friction discs. Suzuki puts the last, and only the last friction disc that goes in the pack into the short slot on the clutch basket. If you put two discs into the short slot, the clutch WILL slip. If you put the next to last disc into the short slot, even with the last one in line with the others, the clutch WILL slip! This happens way too often!

I had a pm from an owner that I am going to share. I have no idea how this happened, but apparently the discs were installed in the bike wrong.


Sorry for bothering you, but i'm pretty much desperate now. My bike is at suzuki garage for more then 4 weeks now.
I have issue with DL1000 2017 with 24k km. Clutch was slipping when i tried to go over 4-4.5k RPM in any gear. In those 4 weeks they replaced clutch kit, outer clutch basket cover, seal for slave cylinder and slave cylinder and thing is still the same.
Guy from the garage told me that they don't know what could be a problem (unbelievable) !!!!
Do you have any idea what could go wrong or what they missed?

Assuming the clutch pressure plate springs are in place and not broken (may have been replaced when they installed "outer clutch basket cover" which should be the pressure plate) then the first thing that comes to mind is the last 2 or 3 clutch friction plates. The LAST and only the last friction plate is to be installed in the "shorter" slot of the aluminum clutch basket. If there is more than one disc in the short slot, or if the next to last disc that goes in is in the short slot, that WILL cause clutch slippage like you describe. This can usually be verified by looking into the oil fill hole in the clutch cover. Terry

Unbelievable! Thank you so much! I got my bike thanks to you yesterday and i'm on the road again!
Thank you!!!!!
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