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Clutch problems

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I have a major problem, have had problems with clutch slipage in the past, caused by chain lube build up on the rod. Went to ride the Bike yesterday. clutch felt funny after taking off, clutch hydraulic lock at clutch lever and bike stoped moving. I pulled clutch slave from the bike and it still will not engage. Opened up the case and ever thing looks OK. Oil has no burned smell and clutch plates are in specs.Can't under stand how it can work one day and not the next.
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Take the oil fill cap off and look at the clutch from there. Does it move while you depress the clutch lever? Not unheard of for the assembly to "slip" out of place which won't allow the pressure plate to put pressure on the discs. Make sure the pressure plate is not too far toward the outside of the bike with no pressure on the lever. Some have been able to manipulate the parts back in place with a screwdriver. Start there and see what happens.
Even when I pulled the slave unit [ it was fully extended and locked out] the clutch plates were still loose.
That was the condition I was referring to earlier. Maybe you can coax it back into position without having to remove the cover.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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