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Clutch Issue

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OK, I have had my 06 1000 for about two and a half years with no issues, but now I have one. I out a new chain and sprockets on the bike a couple nights ago. I was working at night and was getting a little frustrated. Wasn't the first time and won't be the last, but I had some problems with the clutch cylinder and didn't get it seated right at first, not sure what went wrong but when I did get it correct the clutch will not engage. Even with the cylinder off there is no engagement. I look down into the clutch basket through the oil filler hole and can see that the basket has space between the plates. I need to take it apart to see the clutch but thought i would as if anyone else has had this issue. Somehow I must have pushed the clutch to far in and got something out of place.
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Your clutch pressure plate has moved too far toward the outside of the bike. Probably happened when you were working on the slave cylinder.

There will be some space between the plates, there is a steel disc between each of the fiber plates you see when looking into the oil fill hole. When correct very little of the clutch pressure plate will be outside the edge of the clutch basket fingers. I am betting yours is about halfway out, and if so that is what the problem is. What happens is the plate gets pushed out just enough that it can get out of its grooves and catches on the inner hub slots. Some have had success taking a screwdriver and rotating the pressure plate slightly which allows it to seat back into its grooves. Otherwise you will have to pull the clutch cover and loosen the pressure plate bolts to get it back in place.

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Thanks for the reply realshelby, that is exactly what happened. I took off the side cover and saw that pressure plate sitting on the tabs of the clutch basket spindle, two screwdrivers at opposite ends of the pressure plate prying it out a little allowed me to move it back in place, snap and it was back. Looks like I am not the only one to do this.
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