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Clutch/brake levers

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Hi All:
I purchased clutch and brake lever for my 2011 dl650. I'm wondering if I have to also buy other parts to in stall them? I'm having this done , as im not mechanical in the sense of doing correctly. I WILL mess it up! 😭
I attached the pic from Amazon and thats all that comes with them, and here too is a link:

But also, these are relatively cheap, and Im also considering "better" ones?



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You need to put some teflon plumbers tape under you clutch and brake perch.

This will allow you to snug down the perches so they stay in place while riding but if you have a fall they can easily move, this will absorb most of the shock and stop stuff breaking, this can save master cylinders and mirrors too.

They should never be that tight they can't move.
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