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Clutch/brake levers

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Hi All:
I purchased clutch and brake lever for my 2011 dl650. I'm wondering if I have to also buy other parts to in stall them? I'm having this done , as im not mechanical in the sense of doing correctly. I WILL mess it up! 😭
I attached the pic from Amazon and thats all that comes with them, and here too is a link:

But also, these are relatively cheap, and Im also considering "better" ones?



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2022 DL650, so you decide relevancy to your quest. But I dropped my bike last week (at a standstill) and managed to bend the front clutch lever. Works fine, but I want it back to new. So....yersday, I just went to my local Suzuki dealer in my little one-horse town. He had one in-stock. $20. Geniune OEM
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