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If you installed a WERKS modified clutch basket and the vibration (s) didn't go away you can bet they are not coming from the clutch area! As good as they are, they will ONLY fix problems with the clutch basket!
The friction discs and steels are not a source of vibration.
When I hear from customers that they have a vibration that is not fixed by a basket installation, or it starts sometime after installation, there are a couple things I have them check first.
1: By far the biggest problem is a worn front sprocket!!! If worn to the point one side is obviously shaped differently or the tip of the teeth are getting sort of sharp, that means the chain does not release cleanly....and you have a vibration very similar to clutch chudder.
2: Next would be the chain. ANY red dust around any of the links, or kinking of the chain, will also cause vibrations similar to clutch chudder.
After that there are several things that cause vibrations. Rear wheel not aligned ( or hub cushions shot ), bad spark plug wires, loose engine mounts have all been found to be the cause of vibration initially blamed on the clutch.

can you tell me if this motor sound is ok ?
the link is for video take it for motor vstrom dl 1000 -2007 clutch changed

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That bike isn't idling very good. More variation in idle speed than I think is proper. A really good tune up would help that. Maybe this noise is what you calling "vibrations" earlier?
I think if the engine was running smoother that would likely be easier to diagnose as "Idle Hammer". Because the rpm changes so much it makes that noise erratic. If more steady I am thinking it would be recognizable as Idle Hammer. Nothing to do with the clutch.
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