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Rode around town yesterday morning doing some errands. Ran across a guy on a Vulcan twice . . . behind him once and in front of him another time. Seemed like a good rider, but no safety gear. He rode about 5-10 over the limit, but cornered well and kept a good line.

I got called to an accident around 4:30 in the afternoon. It was the same guy and he'd hit a big buck. There was a very wide shoulder, with good visibility to the front and sides--35mph zone. Looks like he locked up the brakes and eventually low-sided. Not much damage to his torso, or limbs, but he cracked his head on the pavement and I don't think he survived.

I've rarely seen deer around here at that time of day.

ATGATT and Look, Look, Look.

Ride safe my friends.
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