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Chudder gone in cold temps? Or am I mis-diagnosing?

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I've been "sure" that my bike has a chudder issue since I first test-rode it and noticed a hard vibration/noise in the 3-4k rpm range. Asked the owner, he said it had always been there. Researched a bit more, learned about chudder, assuaged my fears, bought the bike.

Recently, though (and I HAVE stopped riding it, for those of you who read my post about the sprocket teeth), as I rode it in colder mornings (mid/lower 30's), the chudder was gone. Now, I've searched the forums, and some say the chudder gets worse in the cold, while one guy's post said that it was gone.

For more explanation, the chudder begins just under 3k (probably 2700, but I rarely have it that low, and don't pay too much attention to first gear starts for the tenth of a second I'm in that rpm range), lasts till about 4, and I get some hard vibes through the handlebars in the upper 4's and then it's fine. What I'm calling chudder is a shaking feeling with a loud chattering that is easily audible while riding and gets louder the harder I gas it.

Is this chudder at all? Does chudder go away at colder temps (doesn't make sense to me, but hey...)? Am I really riding a chameleon DL650 with two pipes that needs a TBS? Please advise!
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The wearing of thicker (ie warmer) clothes will mask chudder. The thicker materials will insulate the rider more from the usual vibes of the bike.
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