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I have a 2004 DL1000. Just finished a ride down Baja, Mexico to Cabo San Lucas. Have performed the following prior to the ride:

Twisted Throttle bar risers - made a big difference and work great. Easy install.

Motech center stand - helps with maintenance. But the damn things is slightly off and is not level. Easy install with the stupid german directions. Is nice to have, but you may go want the OEM stand (level???).

OEM Heated grips - work pretty good, but I wish the control knob was notched. They get really hot when you're doing 90mph. Good investment.

OEM Gel seat - made somewhat of a difference for the better. Is it worth the money? Hard to decide.

California Scientific Windscreen - purchased (tall) unit. I'm 5'11. Works great!! No buffeting and good protection. Pricey though. Also cracked at mounts going over the washboard dirt roads. But that was serious vibration and abuse.

Thats it. Bike did great all around!!
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