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My 2018 DL1000 XT has a bit more than 600 miles on it. I spent a bit of time today checking fasteners as the manual recommends. Everything was good EXCEPT the exhaust bolts.

I know exhaust bolts often loosen up from cycling between hot and cold, but what I found was remarkable. Virtually every exhaust bolt was way looser than spec, down around 10 nm. Spec is up a bit above 20 nm (if I'm reading the manual correctly). Cylinder 1 exhaust to head -- both bolts loose. Every exhaust clamp -- loose. Cylinder 2 left bolt -- surprisingly, just about right. Cylinder 2 right bolt -- I don't know -- I couldn't get in there to get a socket on it without doing some serious disassembly.

So, fellow late model 1K riders, based on my experience, when you do your first oil change and service, make sure to check those exhaust bolts!

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