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Since we really don't need the FuelMoto or PCIII stock maps (they're already posted in the 1000 section sticky) I thought you guys would like to know the cheapest I've found the PCIII. $248.88 with free shipping.

I tried lowballing them on one of their "best offer" auctions on ebay, and they responded that their online price is as cheap as they can sell it. I've not ordered from these guys so I can't comment on their service, and I don't benefit from anyone else ordering from them.

Also, have you guys seen this slick little doo-dad?

It's an LCD display for the PCIII, pricey at $239 but its weatherproof, lets you monitor your PCIII at all times, and my favorite feature, you can store and switch maps on the fly. Pretty sweet, but I'm not sure where it would mount up.

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