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Cheap side bags and tank panniers

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I bought two pairs of Weaver (horse) "saddle" bags from Tractor Supply for under $37 total. One pair went up front as panniers, the second pair in back as side bags. Each bag has dimensions of 11"x11"x4": four bags yields an (unstuffed) capacity of 31.7 liters. They are easy to install/remove and I usually store the heavy items in them. The following pics describe the rather simple installation:

This is the first time I have ever posted pics and I hope they are self explanatory. Here is a short description of each. 1. front securing of bags using webbing for tank bag, 2. side view of front of bike with tank bag and panniers mounted, 3. rear panniers secured with webbing for Helen 2Wheels duffel, 4. side view of entire side of bike showing top case, 5. simple bungie cord method of stabilizing front panniers, 6. using another bungie cord to secure left side bag (from touching wheel, 7. other side of that bungie cord, and 8. side of the bike showing all luggage installed.
I am leaving tomorrow early for a rally in Frankfort, KY and will be out of touch of the internet. I can respond to any questions when I return on Sunday pm.
I hope this works and the pics are shown.
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lets try to post the pics again

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here are the pics[/IMG]
Sorry, but none of the links are working for me.
Sorry, I believe that I have learned how to post pics, but I am running out of time. Leaving for a rally soon. Hopefully will post when I get home on Sunday.
I have a pair of these saddle bags and they work well as long at their loaded. I rode with my empty, once, and the wind blew the right side bag over the exhaust and melted a hole in my bag. It's a simple repair but a sad lesson to learn. Be careful of riding with your bags unload/empty.

Hope you enjoy your trip. :beatnik:
Made a set of cheap tank panniers using a $15 set of sattle bags bought at a farm and horse supply store. They fit over the tank and attach to the tops of my crash bars. go on and off very easy and also work to shield my legs from the wind. Don't really have good pictures of them, but have a few pictures showing them in action.

Front view.

Other view

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