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Hi all,

Found a cheap sat nav bar mount bracket which seems to work ok for anyone not wanting to spend a fortune - I have a Route 66 Mini and the mounting bracket is the same - I got it in MAPLINS for £9.99 but they also have a web site which is - I think it's supposed to be for a bicycle!! but fits a treat on my K7, they do all sorts of other brackets which can be screwed down etc.

I also got a cigar lighter flexi-cable extension from MAPLINS for £2.99 and cut the cig plug off the one end so that I could hard wire it to the V-strom battery - then just leave it loose in the compartment behind the battery - I then plug in my Sat Nav cig lead to this and just loosely route it behind the side panels / fuel tank to the Sat Nav for when I use it on the bike and take it off when using in the car - this also means I can use the cig lighter extension lead as an auxillary lead for other items when camping etc.

Have covered 250 miles over the last two days and seems to work very well.

Hope someone else finds it useful




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