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When rebuilding my strom, I bought a set of ATV pro taper mid bars. I like the position of them. But the height was just a hair lower than I wanted. So I happend to have a SV upper triple laying around. I robbed the clamps off it. I used the stock strom clamp on the triple base flipped. I then used the nicer machined SV clamps on top of it. I just used some bolts from a hardware store.

The part number from suzuki is..
56211-45C50 (for the SV) lists at $24 each though! :shock:
56211-32F00 is the strom's part number, same price. You'd probably be better off pickin up a pair from ebay or a junkyard. I paid $15 for the entire upper triple with a key!

The bolts are 8mm thread with a 1.25mm pitch. I used 50mm long bolts, and a set of 8mm washers.

So I've got about $8 in my risers as I could sell the upper later and the key to make $10 or so.

Here's some pics...

Hard to get a tape mesure in there, but it's 3/4" rise from where they were.
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