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A few month ago I installed a Signal Dynamics 1050 Charge indicator LED, you can see it here:

I installed it in a RichlandRick custom dash shelf:

This has worked wonderfully for me ever since as a basic way to check the health of the charging system. I've found that waiting in line at the gate to get on Post will cause the cooling fan to come on and when combined with the brake light will drastically alter the amount of charge available.

Anyway, right before Christmas I noticed the green LED was not lighting up; actually the amber wasn't working either. My immdiate reaction was to fire off an email to the vendor I purchased it from and request an exchange.

The next morning I woke up and decided to see if I could troubleshoot the problem, I didn't expect an answer from the vendor for awhile because of the holidays. After a little time I found that one of the prongs on the LED had snapped off from the body of the light. It looked like an easy fix so I went searching for a tri-color LED as a replacement. I quickly found some online and feeling that the price was decent I ordered 2 so as to have a spare.

The original vendor actually responded very quickly and offered to exchange the unit if I sent it in to them. I let them know what the problem was and that it was going to be a lot easier for me just to fix it rather than remove the entire unit although I appreciated their customer service.

The LED's came in today and I had the old cut out and the new soldered in within about 5 minutes. Works like a charm.

I think my problem was that I mounted the control box to the fairing bracket and then taped the wire all the way to the LED so it wouldn't show as much. This caused the wire to be quite stiff and unyielding. Having the actual LED mounted to the steering head I think it all worked together to work that connection back and forth causing metal fatigue and finally breaking off the weakest point. When I cut the LED off I found that all the tabs were on the verge of breaking. I'm hoping that after removing all the tape I originally installed that I have mitigated this issue.

Evidently when I ordered the replacement LED's I didn't understand the actual unit of measurement; while I intended to order 2 I received 2 packs of 10. So now I have a nice supply of these sitting in my toolbox. What I'm saying is that if anyone purchases the Signal Dynamics 1050 and finds themselves with a similar issue to what I had don't go out and buy any replacement LED's. Let me know and I'll send you out one as I cannot think of anything to do with them right now.
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