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Changing front sprocket on DL1000 k6

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Need some help changing the sprocket, this is the first time for me on the V. Have done plenty of others but the V is different. [ain't that the truth?] Anyway cover is off and I assume the little knobby nut is part of the speed sensor. Does it come off with the allen bolt? and what is the size of the sprocket nut? I thought I'd read that is 32 mm,but it's not. Is there a totourial on this job? Don't want to make a mess of this.
thanks for any help
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"You will need to screw the chain adjusters all the way in to remove the chain from the sprocket."

I do not see this need. I loosen the front sprocket nut first while the rear axle/wheel is still on, in place and tight. Lock rear brake or broom in the wheel trick when removing counter sprocket nut. Then I loosen and pull axle. Shove wheel forward, and chain will come right off.

Biggest trick to this repair is deciding how to deal with the clutch slave cylinder. Tie or not to tie off the clutch handle....I am a no tie guy.
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