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Changing front sprocket on DL1000 k6

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Need some help changing the sprocket, this is the first time for me on the V. Have done plenty of others but the V is different. [ain't that the truth?] Anyway cover is off and I assume the little knobby nut is part of the speed sensor. Does it come off with the allen bolt? and what is the size of the sprocket nut? I thought I'd read that is 32 mm,but it's not. Is there a totourial on this job? Don't want to make a mess of this.
thanks for any help
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Thanks Buffalo

Remove the allen head, then you can remove the nut. I am not sure the size but 32 sounds about right. The nut is on tight and I used a impact gun on mine. I put a broom handle through the back wheel resting on the swing arm on both sides to keep the wheel from turning.
I have used a torch in the past to heat the nut a bit if no impact gun, It will loosen the thread locker. Good idea to put Locktight when putting on the new one
You will need to screw the chain adjusters all the way in to remove the chain from the sprocket. The tricky part is putting the clutch cover back on, make sure you get the spacer in correctly and tighten slowly .
Got it, I just wasn't sure about that allen head bolt. And the sprocket nut is 32mm. Parts are off, just waiting on FedEx to bring my new sprockets and chain. The sprocket nut was tight, but not as tight as I thought it would be. Cheater bar worked fine.
thanks again
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