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I checked the long term forecast as my travel window came up and found my first choice destination - Cape Breton was forecast for wet weather for the period. The Ontario Highlands, on the other hand, looked sunny and dry. I'd already been to C. B. twice and didn't have a hard itinerary worked out. I also had bookmarked and have a friend in one day away in Perth, where I could launch the ride from.
So, I decided to head NW instead of ENE! I've done rainy rides and you just don't see that much...
It worked out great! A word of caution on the Highlands Loop ride: it was obviously cooked up by the Dept. of Tourism to take bikers by their restaurants, B & B's, etc. I admit I had some trepidation about being able to follow the route and ending up in BFE. The website only shows a highlighted route (that covers the Route #s!) on a large scale map. I had to take a more detailed map and plot the route using a few towns listed and the Kawartha and Algonquin N.F. outlines as references. From that I was able to write iit out turn by turn. I kept the directions on my tank bag in a map pocket. You need to pay attention at intersections where you suspect a turn: the Route #s aren't always marked. I had to turn around and backtrack a few miles twice but no big deal. Its 1000 km, so a nice easy 3 day tour. There are some straightaway slogs connecting nice bike roads but that's to be expected. And, I never saw a drop of rain!!
This is one of the advantages of being spontaneous (and probably riding solo). You can look at forecasts and have a couple route options with an eye on that long term forecast. Not that they're always right, but you do increase your odds for good weather.
I'll go back to NS and Cape Breton next year. :thumbup:
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