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Chain tension question

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I have a somewhat odd question so please bear with me. I know in dealing with bicycles that there is a tool that you can use to check your chain tension. By knowing what the "parameters" of a good chain are you know how much longer you can go before you have to buy a new one.

Now, with that said, I was doing some "preventative maintenance" today & noticed while I was lubing my chain that it's "drooping" a little. I know from the shop that does all of my "big" work that these chains DO stretch & that you have to loosen & reposition your rear tire periodically to combat this. My question is does anyone know of a tool where I can check to see if my motorcycle chain is stretched like I have on my bicycle? Also, how easy is it to adjust your rear tire? I haven't tried any of this because I didn't think I have all the proper tools to do it. After looking at it for a bit I realized that all it seems I need is a couple wrenches. (probably not the case, but....) Am I missing something here?! :confused:

Thanks for your help!
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The axle does not move and the nut is self locking. The axle can enter from either side.
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