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There are gazillions of bikes around the world with master links 99.999% of the time nothing disastrous happens. And some folks like me even use a CLIP type master link - me on my Trophy 900 that is heavier than the Strom with equal power and torque. Mine is an EK 530 chain. I checked that clip every day for a while, then every week or so. I can't remember the last time though. That was back in maybe 2013, but only about 20,000 kms or so. Still good. Just sayin'.

I used a clip type on my KLR for years with no issues. I used a clip type one time with my vstrom in a pinch, and the clip fell off after 3,000 miles. That same day I stopped by a motorcycle shop to shoot the shit with the guys there, and noticed the chain on one of the bikes brought in had spat off its clip as well. It does happen, I'm guessing most of the time people don't notice.

Most bikes are ridden no more than a few thousand miles a year, and in good weather. It is simply an inferior way to keep a chain together. You're free to take you own chances but I've seen it happen enough firsthand that I'm not willing to risk it.

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