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Chain guard tab

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So I was riding along a back road today and heard a ting-ting-ting sound like a pipe being dragged across a grating. It went away after about 1 second so I ignored it. It came back 5 minutes later and didn't go away immediately. It stopped as I pulled over to have a look; my rear chain guard mount is GONE. I'm guessing the sprocket bolts were hitting it once it broke off and eventually ripped it out of the plastic guard.

Has anyone else had this happen? To clarify, the tab broke off the swingarm first, then the whole lot got torn out of the plastic. My bike is 100% stock gearing and stock tire size.

Do I have any other options besides running without the guard, trying to make a new tab and weld it on or buying a new swingarm? I couldn't find the tab and bolt on the roadside. I'm leaning toward just leaving the guard off; it's pretty hard to get a pant leg or shoelace back there even without it.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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