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I just replaced the whole mess on my Vee over Xmas holiday. With the winter being so warm, I put it off way too long and my chain was over spec in stretch (length) and my rear sprocket teeth were terrible. I was wondering what the front sprocket would look like.

When apart, I was amazed. The front sprocket (17) was almost reusable, just slight hooking. Very pleased.

I use Bel Ray, superclean lube. There was minimal mung in the sprocket cavity. I used a screw driver to clean it out and did not even bother with any solvents. Just not enough crap left on the case to worry over.

The slave cylinder was a bitch to get loose after removing the bolts. I thought I missed a bolt before my Vee gave in and spit out the clutch slave. I cheated and just laid a socket over the cylinder rubber piece and duct taped around it to keep the piston inside and in place. When untaped and reinstalled the clutch worked like a charm. Sorry, binding the lever is a waste of time.......IMHO of course.

This was done at 30,000 miles since last time. 25,000 would be better.

My bike shifts better now for some reason. Either its my imagination or the free play back and forth due to a worn chain on worn sprockets may have been causing my shift drum/dogs to move out of alignment in the time it takes to shift.

New Tourance also. The old one was embarrasing to run it was so roached.
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