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How do you check to see if the chain needs adjusting?

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One of the best things I bought for the bike is a manual. You can save yourself a lot of money in basic maintenance. It also ensures that the motorcycle is safe to ride. Also get yourself two torque wrenches. I have one for light torque specifications and have to purchase another for higher torque settings. Just worked on the chain today. Since I did not have the torque wrench to set the nut to 72.5 ft lbs, I marked where the nut was and torqued it back to where it was before. Not the way to do it. Do not guess at things it's your life on the line.

Chain Inspection and adjustment:

tools: 10mm, 12mm wrench, 15/16" socket is a good fit for the axle nut, torque wrench and tape measure.

To measure the chain sag place the bike on the side stand. It will not be the correct measurement on the centerstand. The tire has to be on the ground. Get your tape measure ready. Hold on to the chain and pull it towards the ground. Make this your zero point on the tape measure. Then push the chain up and take a measurement. The manual says 20-30 mm of chain sag. I go for just over 30mm ( This is around a 1 1/4") because if you adjust it at 20 mm the chain seems to stretch quicker.

The next step is to loosen the axle nut one full turn. There is a small bolt and nut on either side of the swing arm that pushes the axle backwards thus tightening the chain. If you haven't checked the chain in a while you can move one full line on the alignment lines. Make sure there are the correct # of lines on each side of the axle or the wheel will be out of alignment. If you tighten the chain to much it will be a pain to move the swing arm forward, so move the axle in small measurements. Go back to the chain and measure the sag again. If correct, hold the 10mm bolt in place and lock the 12mm nut against the swing arm. If more adjustment is needed move the swing arm about 1/4 between the lines and recheck sag. Tighten the axle to 72.5ft lbs torque. ( Here in Canada they use a Castilated Nut with a cotter pin, know chance of the nut loosening).

The other thing to check is chain stretch.

Count out 21 pins. Over this distance it should measure under 12.6"

My chain is just over this so in the next month I will put a new one on.
With too much slack this is hard on the bike.

Do things slowly and in a patient manner.

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