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Me: 6'0", 32' inseam.

'05 DL650, buffeting was driving me nuts. Tried everything with the stock windshield; it truly sucks big donkey nards. If screen was low, tons of noise. If screen was high, buffeting up the wazoo.

23.5, light tint. Excellent quality, bolts on in 5 minutes. I also got the light grey tint. Perfect height for me; looks good on the bike. At first glance I thought it might look too high but after some reflection it looks like it was meant to be there. After all this ain't no 600cc SS. I'll add some hard luggage and I'm good to go. I specifically bought this bike to try longer rides and it was pissing me off that THAT was the one thing it wasn't good at. ( At least for me with the stock screen...)

Rode for 30 minutes. 1000 times better, probably not going to be able to improve too much from here. If this was the screen the bike came with I would not have looked for another. I can ride without earplugs now, something that I absolutely could not prior. I rode with my facesheild up for 10 minutes at 70, no problems. I can see over the top of the screen, I bought the right height. The airflow over the top of the screen is much smoother. No reflection probelms at night; will try in the day tomorrow.

I also have a Givi on order ( actually backorder ) and I'm going to try that one for grins. I'm going to just Ebay the one I like least and cut my losses.

Overall, a very positive modification; worth a look if you haven't found the right one yet.

Hope this helps, Doug M.

PS When I took my stock screen off, I noticed I had sractched the holy piss out of it, just wiping it down. ( 400 miles!!! ) Anyone else notice this?

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cb screen

I was going to use one of those ultra-fine cloths to clean the screen. What did you use?

BTY, my original screen was scratched to hell from the dealer. I don't know what they used to clean it, but it did a number. When I looked closer, I saw a signature. Some knucklehead decided to sign some contract on the bikes' screen! Unbelievable.

I did use a buffer and some plastic cleaner. Don't know the name, because it came with my wife’s' new Wrangler windows. Did a good job of cleaning up the scratches/signature.

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