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Longest day yet (for me), wife and daughter out of town yesterday, so I took the time to take a longer day, went this route (includes mistaken trip out of Roscoe in the wrong direction added in after I got home):

google maps route

Hawks Nest is a construction zone through the fun bit, one way/one lane with signal-men and it's a real drag. The rest of the way up 97 to Callicoon was slow, pretty fair amount of traffic, though not nearly as clogged with cars as the river was with rafts and canoes.

The coffee shop in Roscoe makes a mean Chicken salad club, and if you ask nicely they'll make you a milkshake as well... can't speak to how deserved it is, but it claims to be Trout Town, USA.

Beaverkill/Berry Brook up north of Roscoe were very pretty, very empty, and had some on-again-off-again gravel and dirt sections.

The stretch through 30 on the Pepacton was beautiful, as was the ride near Shokan... south of Shokan is some construction with some unexpectedly sudden stretches of deep gravel over works.

52 is tremendously pretty down through to Newburgh... great day all around, and the Wee was brilliant in a way I hadn't appreciated before, just ever willing to haul along at speed without a complaint or a cramp.
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