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Cascade high country snowline report

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Did some exploring today off highway 410. Mostly spurs on the N. side. No snow anywhere until at least 3950 ft. All roads became impassable between 4200 and 4550 ft. The first and highest point was on FS 70.

End of 70

Road to Government Camp

Went up the 7060 and it split a mile or 2 up and this is where the rd. to the left took me.

The road to the right.

The next road went a little more northward by Kelly Butte. Snow stopped me from getting to the Butte, but made it to this landing for a good viewpoint. PS Some of these are Stromable and some not, so I used the DR today.
Kelly Butte

The Stuarts

Did 2 other roads after this with the same results(No photos). Two more weeks of warm weather and most will passable to the east side:hurray:

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Don.....even your DR is just waaaaay too clean.
Ain't it true though?

Looks like a good time, Don. Having skied at Crystal on Saturday, I can attest it will be a while before snow is cleared at the higher elevations. Wasn't it about this time the big group made the ride in the hills a couple of years ago?

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Rob- that was June 5th last year. 3 weeks earlier. It's going to be a short season in the Cascade Crest area.
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