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I broke the outer gear on the forward head on my V 05. It happen while riding.
I did some checking on both boards and I guess this is the first time anyone has heard of this.

There are two gears on the cam's of our bikes. The outer one is thinner and is spring loaded. The inner one is pressed on the the cam shaft. They spring load the outter gear to take up the free play between the idler gear and the cam's themself's.
If you break the outer gear on a cam your going to pick up a knock in the motor which will sound like you lost a rod. Check your cam's first. The noise tranmit's to the lower motor.

If you pull the cam's to change the Valve shimes be very carefull
on how you put them back in. The spring loaded outer gear will be a little off set from the inner gear........make sure the line up before cranking down to tork spec's.

These is a pos. note to having two gears on the cam's though.
If the outer gear does break or crack the inner gear will keep the Valve train in time and not take out you valves. But then again the broken piece's could.

All part dealers copy the micro-fish from Suzuki.
The Vale train assem. on Suzuki's micro-fish is wrong, this mean's that so is everyone else and they are!
The micro-fish from Suzuki show's the exhaust cam in the intake side of the forward head and the intake in the exhuast.

I know that there may never be a need for any of you to have to get a cam but just beware of it. I would also make sure about other parts that you need when looking at the micro-fish.

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