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I just installed the medium height Cali Scientific. Lovely shield, comes neatly packed with it's own cover and cleaning stuff. Optically very nice, very clear. At 5'9" I look over the shield - the top of the shield sits just under the tires of the car in front of me (at about 6 car lengths or so). Mark spent much time with me, helping me get the order just right as I'm the hooplehead who used locktight to install my last shield.

CS Shield sits well with bike hardware in it's lowest position. It could be raised for touring one stop, more than that and I think it be out of it's design range, and it's top would be in my field of vision.

Head buffeting is quieted about 50-60%....which is about all I was hoping for from a shield I look over, rather than through.

Looks trick too. I'm happy and done farkling with this thing. :wink:
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