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On 9/18 of this year, my friend Jon joined me for a trip to bring my Strom home from SOCAL to it's new residence in Sedona AZ (We took the long way).

Jon has a 2013 Triumph Tiger and I have a 2014 VStrom. The idea was to avoid as much Freeway as possible, and stick mainly to the two-lane highways--which for the most part we were able to.

Rather than camping on the ground, we opted for Credit Card camping in various motels during our 7 day journey.

So, on day 1 we left my friend's house in Lancaster CA (He was storing my bike for me for the last couple of months) and headed out at about 6:30AM for old Rt 66 near Adelanto. I have ridden Rt 66 a couple of times before, and I've always enjoyed the part between Adelanto and Barstow, as there are quite a few relics of the past still standing. Well, we made it to Barstow, fueled up at Starbucks, and prepared ourselves for hitting the I-15 slab and battling the Las Vegas Hordes until we could turn off onto Hwy 95 to Searchlight NV, and then Boulder City for Night #1. Boulder City had a huge amount of information there regarding Boulder Dam, and the work that went into creating it.

Day two would be along the Lake Mead Natl Recreation Area, eventually ending up in Springdale UT just on the outskirts of Zion NP. This was probably one of the hottest days of the journey, but very scenic. It was a relief to get to Springdale, check in, have a swim, a short trail run, and an awesome meal at a place called Cafe Soleil.

Day three we were off through Zion's famed tunnel towards that day's destination in Torrey UT. Spectacular scenery was the order of the day it seems, along with unexpected surprises. About 10 miles or so after leaving Zion, I spied a sign advertising a German Bakery in the middle of Nowhere, UT. Awesome morning treat!! Continued on to Bryce--crazy crowded and windy, and then through some spectacular twisties on our way to Torrey.

Day four we had planned to ride from Torrey to Cortez CO. Although the day started nice and sunny with perfect temps, after a late breakfast we hit some tough gusting wind on the forward beam (Close reaching for those of you that sail). I learned the best position for me on the Strom was to crouch behind the windscreen as much as possible. I figure that made the ride around 25% more stable on those last 85 miles or so. That was a workout. Went to a steakhouse and had a couple, while discussing the next day's expected weather (Heavy rain).

Day five we were planning to ride up North to Telluride and then a bit farther east to Silverton, finally making our way down to Durango. However, it kept raining all night and all the next morning. Finally there was a bit of a window for us to blast up North to Durango. But ... just as we got there it poured down. Decided we'd check in early and explore the town. We went to the city rec center for an awesome workout. Changed, caught the shuttle to Downtown and checked out the mountain bike shop, bookstore, outdoor store, etc. Finally had a nice meal at one of the many brew pub restaurants. Great place--but it does get cold!

Day six. Did I say cold? Yeah it was 33 the next morning when we started out, but fortunately it was sunny. Our destination today was through New Mexico, and then over to Window Rock AZ. Much of that day's route was through Apache Co in AZ via Hwy 191. Before reaching Hwy 191, we had turned onto Indian Service Route 13. Wow. What scenery. Mountain pass, twisties, the whole nine yards. 191 was good too, but this was great. Very rural. Very scenic. The anti interstate. Great day.

Day seven. Home to Sedona. This was the coldest morning yet. 31 degs. But--sunny. We stayed on Hwy 264 through much of the Hopi area, and hung a left onto the 89, heading south to Flagstaff, and eventually Sedona--via the 89a. Thank god the wife had several cold beers waiting!

A great trip, but boy, we sure had to put a lot of planning into it! Plenty of places had absolutely no vacancies when we arrived. It was so nice not to have to run a search for a place to stay each day, when all you wanted to do was to have a shower and a beer!

Sorry about the lack of pic's but I guess the resolution/size of mine exceeds the limit, and I'm too tired to sort it out.

Sum total: 1524 miles, 52.3 MPG.


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