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Ill start by telling you I recently bought a 05 Vee with 24k miles, I have ridden about 1500 mile so far this season, and as of lately the clutch has been slipping.
only when cruising at 4 or 5k rpm then cranking the throttle.

So after a search I decided to start at the easiest solutions, I had changed the oil to shell rotella when I first picked up the bike, So first off I changed the oil with good old motormaster 10w40 4 stroke motorcycle blend which I have used in all my previous bikes, took her for a spin and the slip is still there, next I removed the slave cylinder and inspected the push rod, also cleaned out some gunk, thats when it hit me, after check the parts diagram online, I am missing the spacer behind the top bolt on the slave cylinder:furious::furious: part number 32 on this diagram 2005 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 DL1000 Parts, 2005 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 DL1000 OEM Parts -

So when the bolts are tightened down the cylinder cocks sideways and jams the rod, after loosening the top bolt and taking it for a spin, also immediately stalling it because the friction zone is now mid lever not at the end:mrgreen:
It now works flawlessly.

After that issue, We went for a quick spin, after a spirited take off:mrgreen:
The fuel injection light came on, and it flashed FI on the dash, while the revs hung at 4000. After limping it home, jumped into dealer mode, C28 code, secondary throttle issue, So I removed the tank and discovered that the clamp on the rear cylinder holding the airbox, had come loose and jammed against the linkage for the secondary throttle plates. I just rotated the clamp and tightened it up. All fixed:thumbup:
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