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Buffeting Issue Solved with GIVI Airflow AF260

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The following is a summary of the full review posted on my blog: I figured this was useful info for all Stromtroopers.

The GIVI AF260 Airflow windscreen is a good answer to the buffeting issue of the Suzuki V-Strom. The updated 2012 V-Strom is said to have corrected the buffeting issue. For all current owners, we still need a good solution. My first farkle was the Madstad bracket. It solved a good part of the buffeting for me. A “good part” does not equal a full solution. The AF260 seems to be the ticket.

The GIVI Airflow AF260 is actually a combination of two windshields stacked together. The first screen bolts to the bike and the second slides onto it and is clamped down. The clamped shield includes two tracks allowing approximately six inches of vertical adjustment. The lowest position creates 21 inches of protection while the tallest position provides 27 inches. Using the single screen only equals 18 inches. All riders, from short to tall, should be able to find an adjustment that is just right.

Ease of Install = "A": About 15 minutes from box to installed (maybe less).

Price = "B": Can be found online for $225.

Appearance = "C": About as good looking as the bike that it goes on.

Bang for your buck = "B+": Good all-around solution for riders of just about any height.

Hope this helps you make an educated buying decision. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm always looking for good products from good companies to include in reviews. Feel free to PM your ideas to me. Get the full review by clicking the logo below.


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