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BRP Photo-op Inoperable

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Some dingleberry thought he might want to have the "Highest Point" sign on the wall of his room in mom's basement, but apparently lacked the technical acumen required to guarantee success.

Vandals destroy iconic sign on Blue Ridge Parkway | The Asheville Citizen-Times |

So if you're up there riding along looking for the sign and suddenly realize you're in Virginia, it's because the sign is gone.
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Just further shows that there is nothing wrong with modern society that a large asteroid couldn't correct...
A man after my own heart!
Plaques and anything that looks like copper are being ripped off and scrapped by hard working d-wads. Some times they get lucky and forget to shut off the power and electrocute themselves. :thumbup:
Lots of Clampper historic signs have been pinched too.
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