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Brisbane to Townsville and back up the boring Bruce......

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Been up in Townsville, for a few days, ostensibly visiting a sick friend, cooking cleaning, taking them for tests etc..

On the way, we were the beneficiaries of some wonderful Hosptatility with the Lanes at Airlie beach, Thanks Pete and Kath, look forward to repaying the favour whenever you guys come down, Appletons is already in the cupboard!

Headed from Townsville to Mackay on Saturday, had an easy days ride, and a rest from the efforts of the previous days in Townsville.

Sunday, Christina was pining for home and missing our daughter Genevieve, so I convinced her to try her first 1000 klm day (Suzuki GSR600).

Damn she did well! She's a keeper! Another FarRider in waiting......

SpotWalla - Trip Viewer - Christo and Christina's Outback.

Pics and stuff to follow.......