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Bridgestone AX41 long term review

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I've had the tires on my 2018 650XT just a little over a year and am just thinking about replacing the rear tire. They have 6895 miles on them and now the front has 7/32 left and the rear has just about 4/32 left. I just did a highway ride down to southern California, over to Las Vegas and then back to Washington. They handled high temperatures, low temperatures and sustained high speed riding just fine. They have been great tires on the road, even in the Washington rain and even better for me offroad. I had a slow lowside crash in wet grass using the stock A40s which left me with low confidence. After installing the AX41s the bike seemed like it could do anything off road, they really had great traction in every situation I got into. The only fault I found was crossing a bridge with metal grating which caused the bike to wobble so much it really worried me. I may have been going kinda fast for the bridge but other riders with me didn't have the same problem with their different tires. I got the tires for a great price at Chaparral and even got the Bridgestone rebate so the price was great. Overall I loved the tires and they lasted longer for me than I've seen in any review. I mostly ran the stock tire pressure off the swingarm sticker even though the sidewall says 35 psi max.
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I have A41's on order. My A40's have 18,000 km on them now and although the rear is squared off the tread is still within the wear limit. Pretty happy with Bridgestones in terms of grip, durability and quiet smooth ride so sticking with what I know.
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