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Well....yes, a 50% solution of ethylene glycol in water at 15 psi boils at about 265°F vs. pure water at 15 psi which boils at about 250°F, but...

...But the EG solution carries away much less heat than pure water, about .86 specific heat vs 1.0 for water. Heat transfer from the engine to the air passing through the radiator requires that the coolant carries the heat to the radiator, and the ethylene glycol solution requires about 14% more flow to carry the same heat as pure water. Race engines use pure water plus the chemical additives for antifoam, surfactants, maybe corrosion protection, water pump protection, dissimilar metals protection, and they get cooled fine. If the engine, including our motorcycles, is never in freezing weather, pure water plus something like Red Line WaterWetter, or Red Line Super Cool with WaterWetter, it will cool better than 50% EG mixture.

I'm sticking with a mechanical problem on the OP's bike--bad hose or something else repairable.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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