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BMW Ribbed Grips - do they fit a Vee?

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I recently bought a new-to-me K6 Vee. I've started to get it set up for my type of riding. I've ordered the Givi Trekker 3 piece set with the Adv Motostuff adjustable trunk mount, installed the EB fuse block (nice), built a bracket between the MadStad mount for my Zumo 550 and GXM30. And I'm planning the Stebel horn install. I have one on my ST1100 and appreciate the opportunity to use it.

That was a long way to get to my question.
I have the BMW ribbed grips with the Dual Star grip heaters on my ST. I like the grips. But I can't find any links on whether anyone has installed them on a Vee. Has anyone installed these? If so, are any modifications to them necessary?