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Black Widow Rear Stand Issue

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This may be a silly question, but I've been having problems getting the bike up on the Black Widow 14 rear stand. Both sides don't seem to want to hook up with the spools.. I'll try describing as best I can:

I center the bike, taking it off the side stand, then try and connect the arms with the spools. No dice. Only one side grabs and the other "almost" gets there. I think the license plate light gets in the way, but I really don't feel that I should take it off every time..

Am I just being an idiot and doing something wrong? :confused:
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Looking at the video at Discount Ramps for the BW 14, it appears that the fender/license light on the V Strom would get in the way of the handle.
I have a Pit Bull rear stand, it looks very similar to the pictures of yours.

It's a lot easier to get the bike up on the stand if you start with it closer to straight up than leaned all the way over on the side stand. Try putting a block under the kickstand before you start with the rear stand.

Get the low (left) side on the spool and then start working the right side into place. I have to push the plastic fender bottom a bit to get the right side lined up.

Start pushing down on the handle and as you do, scootch the stand the last bit to center the spools. Once they click into place you're ready to go.

This probably sounds a lot harder than it really is. After a few times you'll do it in seconds. Note: don't try moving the bike forward using the stand's handle. The front wheel will flop over and the bike will fall down. DAMHIK.
Great post by kenneth moore! A block of wood under the side stand to get the bike more vertical is the key.

I've found that I can minimize the contact to the rear fender by lowering it slowly and steadily.
Thanks, guys!! I'll take note.. It also helps that I've learned that the "claws" that grip the spools were inserted into the stand incorrectly, which is totally my fault. In my defense, there were no directions on where to put it. Trial and error, my friends.. Trial and error.

And a quick peek at the Black Widow site.

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